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It all started with this: Daddy showed me a piece of paper. But I didn’t understand what that means. Daddy explained it: It was about a children’s theatre academy. And I had to write a letter of application. I drew a picture and I wrote about my theatre experience and my questions, for example how an actor is able not to laugh when it is funny. I was lucky and I received a letter from the academy with my new student card. On six sundays in September and October the theatre academy was in an rebuilt area from the coal mining in Essen, which is now UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.
The building with the theatre academy was in former times a lavatory for the miners. Now we could sit there on davenports on rolls.
There was a big stage and I was sitting there with around hundred other children. A producer explained his work, a comedian showed us how to make peoples laugh 8and not to laugh) and a famous director pointed out his several jobs in the theatre.
One lecture was in Bochum, another town in the Ruhr district, in an old machine building, now a theatre with a special stage. The scaffold was on rails and could be moved alongside the stage. The stage was 120 m long and only 3 m wide! The scaffold is very heavy, 130 tons and for 810 spectators. Very impressive.
I’m looking forward to the academy in the next year and hope to see my friends there again.

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